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Regarding Co-employment

The EverFind web site uses words such as: employee, employer, employ, resource, candidate, hire, contract, engage, project, consultant, job, requisition, position, interview, resume, skills profile, etc. The context and usage of these words is to give a tempo, flow, tone, and personality to the web copy. In no way is the context and usage of these interchangeable words and phrases to be construed or suggest non-compliance to legally engaging contractors and hiring employees.

EverFind understands and manages the risks associated with co-employment in delivering professional services to its' clients in the marketplace. As a consulting company, we utilize different approaches to deliver a "just-in-time" team or consultant for a client's project or initiative. As a result, focus on compliance with government regulations on the difference between engaging companies or contractors AND hiring employees is top priority. There must be a distinct segregation in the attitudes, treatment, and behaviors of interactions relating to contractors versus employees.

EverFind is in the business of finding the right people for clients for full-time employment (permanent placement), contract placement (consulting, hourly contracting, temp) and contract-to-hire (temp-to-perm) deal structures. As a result, EverFind has strong business processes relating to engaging contractors and hiring employees. This reduces risk for EverFind AND EverFind clients. We feel it is important for your organization to understand our depth of expertise regarding co-employment risk, AND our current business practices to ensure your company's risk associated with co-employment is reduced.

Some suggestions that you may or may not have considered for drastically reducing co-employment risk in the enterprise: HR is for hiring; procurement is for contracting. A clear delineation in an organization on the functions of these departments goes a long way in reducing co-employment risk. HR uses words such as: open position, candidate, employ, hire, fire, layoff, vacation, job description, salary, raise, wage, resume, time sheet etc. In dealing with contractors and consulting, procurement uses words like: requisition, contract, terminate, scope, terms, engage, bill rate, fee, skills profile, invoice, etc.

Separating these functions clearly delineates that HR is for employees and procurement is for contractors, so there is no grey area and blurring of lines in the enterprise between employees and contractors.

In closing, EverFind is well-informed and mindful about the risk concerning co-employment issues. EverFind's contracts with its consultants are specifically designed to address and mitigate those risks in order to protect EverFind clients from any adverse exposure.

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