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Creative. Focused. Never Dull.
EverFind successfully links employers with the resources they need, whether it's for a three-month project or a permanent position. We work hard to support both our clients and consultants, finding matches that meet the needs of both parties. Our success depends on how well we deliver — both our clients and consultants should feel like they've found gold (and enjoy the digging).

We're doggedly committed.

    When you engage EverFind's services, you can expect:
  • Success. We'll hit the mark — and won't waste your time on resumes that don't fit.
  • Good communication. You'll never wonder what we're doing, and when we're doing it. We keep you apprised of our activities and progress.
  • Integrity. We're straightforward with clients and consultants — and commit to providing only the highest quality service.
  • Experience. We've been there. We know consulting and we know business — there's no learning curve.
  • Commitment to your satisfaction. EverFind anticipates and quickly resolves issues. We want you to be happy with the services and resources we provide.
  • Fun. Our culture is creative and playful. We stay focused...and interesting.
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