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We're proud that most of our clients and consultants work with EverFind again and again. It testifies to our attention to detail, high quality, and integrity.

Just a few of the kind words we've received recently:

"EverFind has shown a great deal of interest in my well-being from a consulting point of view, and has given me support and advice throughout my career. By matching candidate skill sets with client needs and monitoring and mentoring the consultant from the start of an assignment to its conclusion, EverFind attracts high-level, talented consultants."
Charles McKinley
Senior Project Manager

"I remember back at AQM being impressed at how EverFind handled both the client (us) and EverFind's employee, and thinking how very, very refreshing it must be to work for/with people like that. I was right..."
Andre Bajew
Senior Project Manager

"I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for EverFind. EverFind and I have worked together over the past four years. They have been my preferred information technology provider. Over this timeframe, EverFind has found candidates for various positions within SavaSeniorCare. We have placed a minimum of eight candidates that EverFind brought to us. These have been IT professionals in the areas of PeopleSoft Developer, Oracle DBA, SQL DBA, .net Developers, Systems Architects and others.
When I have an open position, I turn to EverFind first because I know that they will present candidates to me that very specifically meet my position description. EverFind carefully screens their candidates and ensures that the ones presented match the position needs and our company culture. I have such trust in EverFind, that I have recommended two of my personal friends who are seeking positions to them as well.
In closing, I highly recommend EverFind as a preferred vendor for companies. I feel confident that EverFind will be an asset to organizations by presenting highly qualified, valuable full-time and contract employees."
Lisa M. Moses
Director, Information Technology

"EverFind has provided us with excellent and responsive support for our requirements — and the quality of the staffing is outstanding. I would recommend them to anyone who needs quick turnaround for high-quality IT, finance and business resources"
Joseph Francis
Executive Director
Supply Chain Council, Inc.

"I am very pleased to recommend EverFind for their recruiting and staffing services. For the past three years my Information Technology Services department has used EverFind almost exclusively for our staffing needs that have ranged from analysts to managers.
EverFind does an excellent job consistently identifying and screening relevant, qualified candidates for all types of IT positions. I know that if EverFind presents a candidate, they will have the skill set I am seeking. They also take time to ensure that candidates will have a cultural fit within my team as well, which is a hard quality to find in a recruiting company.
EverFind has also provided candidates for open positions in other areas of our company as well, including human resources, accounting operations, and building services.
I highly recommend EverFind for their excellent recruiting and staffing services."
Julie D. Purcell
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
SavaSeniorCare Administrative Services LLC

"Working with EverFind is how recruiting should work; they understand our needs and only the best candidates are presented."
Caspar Hunsche
Managing Director
Process Core Group, LP

"I have had a working relationship with EverFind for the last five years. In my former capacity as a Vice President of Information Technology, I relied upon EverFind as a primary vendor to fill open IT staff positions. In my current capacity as a senior IT project manager, I work for one of EverFind's clients managing enterprise projects and assisting in the management of their strategic application portfolio.
First and foremost, I value the trust-based relationship I have with EverFind. In all the time I have known EverFind, they have always resolved all issues to the best interests of the client. They listen to clients with rapt attention and act upon issues presented to them. They even go the extra step and frequently anticipate issues and mitigate them before the client is even aware that an issue exists. Their fair handling of issues extends to cover delicate individual people issues, sticky legal compliance issues and rapid resolution of financial issues.
EverFind is perhaps the most talented company with whom I have ever worked. They are very innovative in their usage of technology to seek appropriate candidates. They are able to glean more from an hour's phone interview with a candidate than any other company I have ever worked with. Even better, they develop a deep intuitive insight into each candidate they interview and those insights are uncannily accurate every time. EverFind's market experience in IT, finance, and business allows them to have an excellent feel and touch for how a candidate may fit a position's requirements as well as how the candidate may or may not fit within a company's culture.
EverFind's account management is a very hands-on style. They are very easy to find and to connect with, so from a client perspective, communications is a snap. EverFind is very responsive. They answer their phones and turn around emails with dispatch. The account managers constantly strive to move candidates through the client's interview process to assist the client in minimizing requisition to candidate start date cycle time. EverFind learns the client interview, qualification and approval processes so well, they usually orchestrate EverFind candidates through these client processes better than client managers work their own processes. This is a true value-add for a task many IT managers find distasteful or at the least, unrewarding.
EverFind often takes on next to impossible tasks (e.g., 'find me three top flight project managers in the next week') with great success. EverFind will advise a client about alternative approaches and likely outcomes but in the end, always strives to fulfill the client's requirements, however difficult that may be.
Many firms promise to find and present only the most qualified candidates so that the client is not forced to sort through many resumes. EverFind is the ONLY company I ever worked with who fulfilled that promise. Based on the trust-based working relationship built over a short period of time and EverFind's superior candidate search skills and candidate matching to client needs, I was able to rely upon EverFind to present me only the best two to four candidates for each position with assurance that I was seeing the best the market had to offer.
EverFind was also a welcome source of information and data about the local labor supply. They constantly advised me about salary ranges for specific positions based on what they observed other clients paying and candidates being able to command. I found EverFind's insights much more accurate, timely and specific than any free or paid salary surveys I had at my disposal for the Houston labor market.
On the basis of the above, I recommend EverFind without reservation or hesitation. I stand ready to answer any and all questions regarding the quality of my business relationship with them."
Howard G. Runser
Principal Consultant

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