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We tell you the truth
Because EverFind has strong and close relationships with our clients, we can tell you what to expect. We accurately describe the work you'll do, and the environment and culture of the organization.

For us, people, not revenue, come first - and that holds true whether you're a candidate or a client. We know you need to do what's best for your family, and do our part to help.

We identify your strengths.

EverFind will interview you before we submit your resume for any job. We often identify areas of strength and skills that aren't on your resume, and help you articulate them to potential employers.

    EverFind supports you at every step by:
  • Educating you on details of potential jobs
  • Submitting your resume to our clients
  • Preparing you for your interview
  • Helping fine-tune your resume for the opportunity
  • Introducing you, in person, to our clients
  • Supporting you throughout the term of your consulting engagement
  • Finding you a new consulting opportunity at the conclusion of your current engagement
  • Helping negotiate your salary for a permanent position
  • Following up after you're hired to ensure satisfaction
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